Internationale conferentie: “Urban transportation of passengers by e-VTOL”, 21-22 september 2022, Parijs en Toulouse

16 jun 2022

Objectives of the conference
Many electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) aircraft projects targeting Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market are currently being presented to the public, thus prompting studies on infrastructure and corresponding regulations. The ambition of UAM promoters is to use the simplicity of distributed electric motorization to develop multi-rotor aircraft configurations that could provide affordable urban air transport services with levels of safety, performance and emissions adapted to the societal requirements of the coming years, at affordable prices.

To achieve this, however, UAM development faces significant technical and economic obstacles.
The objective of this conference organized by AAE is to bring together key players to take stock of current developments and identify the essential actions necessary for successful deployment of urban air mobility.
The conference is aimed at industrial developers of this new urban transport system, as well as future operators, research organizations, public services and regulatory authorities.
It will highlight possible solutions and the required progresses on the most critical aspects of the development of urban air-mobility in six sessions promoting exchanges between participants and dealing with the following topics:

  • Need, market and specifications for UAM
  • Technical solutions of vehicles and performance of the electric propulsion chain
  • Vertiports and ground infrastructure
  • Noise emission target and solutions to achieve them
  • Certification, operational regulation and traffic and flight path management
  • Economic aspects and acceptance by the public.

A round table will end the conference.