Lezing op 16 juni: “Design and Development of an Autonomous Smart Morphing Wing”, door Tigran Mkhoyan (TU Delft)

16 jun 2022

With the increasing desire of the aerospace industry to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, morphing wings have gained much interest due to the ability to adapt the wing shape in-flight for improved energy efficiency and aerodynamic performance. Active wing morphing is a technology that can improve the performance and extend the natural flight envelope of rigid aircraft; however, an integrated, multidisciplinary approach is needed to develop a smart wing structure capable of adapting its shape autonomously.

A project called SmartX was started for this purpose at the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Aerospace Structures and Materials. This project aims to investigate the feasibility of developing, manufacturing, and testing such a multi-objective technology integrator with integrated smart sensing, actuation and control methodologies.


If you wish to attend this lecture please send an email to nvvl@nlr.nl


About Tigran Mkhoyan

Tigran Mkhoyan received his BSc and MSc from the Delft University of Technology, Department of Control and Operations, specialising in advanced control and motion cueing for Dynamic Flight Simulation. 

He is currently finalising his PhD at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology, Department of Aerospace Structures and Materials, working on the Smart-X project. For this project, he has developed Autonomous Smart Morphing Wing concepts, SmartX-Alpha/Neo, aiming to investigate energy-efficient aircraft wings inspired by nature.

He is determined to bridge the gap between aeroelasticity, design and advanced control and push the advancements in aircraft technology toward a new generation of energy-efficient, Smart aircraft.

Tigran Mkhoyan