Who may become a member of NVvL?

Anyone who has a job in aviation and/or space technology or in a related area and who has received or is still in training at university, higher technical vocational training (or comparable) can become a member of the NVvL. In addition, any person who, because of his job or experience, intends to contribute to the activities of the association may be admitted.

Members may be legal persons involved in aerospace technology.

In addition to members, the association has honorary members and benefactors (sponsors).

Honorary members and sponsors

Sponsors are natural and legal persons who have declared themselves willing to provide financial support for the association with a contribution to be determined by the board.

Honorary members are natural persons who, on the recommendation of the board or at least 20 members, have been appointed as such by the members’ meeting for special merits toward the association or aviation and/or space travel in general.


At present honorary members of  NVvL are:

J. Boelen (appointed in 1974), General Secretary 1951 – 1974, deceased 1979

F.J. Sterk (appointed in 1997), General Secretary 1974 – 1992, deceased 2020

P. Kluit (appointed in 2016), General Secretary 1992 – 2006 and Treasurer 2011 – 2016, deceased 2018

H.J.M. van Leeuwen (appointed in 2016), Treasurer 1997 – 2011, Board member 2011 – 2015

C. Hermans (appointed in 2016), General Secretary 2006 – 2016, deceased 2021