What is NVvL about?

The Dutch Aerospace Engineering Association (NVvL) is an association that offers a platform for all those who are interested in aviation technology through their profession or interest.

The NVvL is involved in all elements of research, science and technology and has specialists from all sectors of aviation among its members: government, industry and educational and research institutions. It acts as a link and communicator between the individual disciplines and promotes the exchange of knowledge between industry, knowledge institutes and educational institutions at both national and international level.

In addition, the NVvL contributes to the formation of a network of people who are active in the field of aviation technology in the broadest sense of the word. As an association, the NVvL supports the aviation sector in the Netherlands and acts as a representative of its members. It provides information on scientific, technical, economic and cultural developments in the aviation sector in the Netherlands.

The association, which was founded in 1941 and is therefore over 80 years old, has organized hundreds of lectures and dozens of symposia for its members during that period. Many of the lectures presented have been preserved and are available for inspection by members. The number of members has fluctuated around 300, certainly in the last 50 years.

In order to be able to continue to monitor and support future developments in the aviation sector, the NVvL works closely with young engineers and scientists where possible. This is given shape, among other things, through activities that are organized jointly with student associations (such as VSV Leonardo Da Vinci and VSV Sipke Wynia).

Relationship with the "Koninklijke Vereniging voor Luchtvaart" (KNVvL)

Together with the Netherlands Association for Aviation Medicine (NVvLG) and the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, NVvL is part of the Aviation Sciences Division of KNVvL.

ICAS and CEAS membership

NVvL is a member of the  ‘International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences’ (ICAS) and a member of the ‘Council of European Aerospace Societies’ (CEAS). As a result, NVvL members have easier access to the international symposia of these organizations, with the advantage of establishing contacts with colleagues all over the world.