Lecture on 19 May on: The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and the aeronautical services, by Rini Hoevenaren

19 May 2022

Most people know the KNMI in De Bilt because of the daily weather forecasts. It is much less known that KNMI has a large scientific and research department. Even fewer people know that KNMI is also involved in aviation in the Netherlands. In fact, aviation is one of the pillars on which KNMI is founded. Aviation has a long history at KNMI. In the presentation I will take you into aviation meteorology as it was, is and will be practiced at the KNMI. Discussions include why aviation meteorology is actually part of the KNMI, current forecasting methods, but I also take a look at the near future with regard to developments, both nationally and internationally, in this field.

About Rini Hoevenaren: After graduating from high school, he studied ‘Soil, Water and Atmosphere’ at Wageningen Agricultural University. His main interest was in meteorology. After completing his studies in 1997, he started working at the KNMI. The internal training took place in Woensdrecht in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense. After this he was stationed at Schiphol airport. First as a desk meteorologist, soon followed by General Aviation meteorologist. In 2002 he started working in De Bilt. Here he was a Safety Meteorologist for 7 years, in addition to his work in aviation. He has also been a Schiphol Meteorological Adviser since 2004, directly advising professional airport users in the field of weather. In addition to his work as a meteorologist, he also obtained a teaching certificate in 2002. At KNMI he is therefore now responsible for training certified aviation meteorologists in accordance with ICAO and EASA requirements.

The lecture will be given in the Dutch language at the TU-Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1 in Delft, Lecture Hall B, and will start at 7.30 pm. If you would like to attend this lecture, you are requested to register by email: nvvl@nlr.nl, stating whether or not you are a member of the NVvL.