NVvL-anniversary book: 75 jaar platform voor kennisuitwisseling (in Dutch)

21 Feb 2022

At the celebration in 2016 of the 75th anniversary of the NVvL at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, the anniversary book of the NVvL was presented, entitled:

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Luchtvaarttechniek – 75 jaar platform voor kennisuitwisseling

The book contains an extensive description of the history of the association, supplemented with statements of all boards and board members, the titles and authors of the lectures organized by the NVvL, aeronautical articles in the magazine “De Ingenieur”, excursions organized by the NVvL and the national and international symposia organized by the NVvL.

If you are not an NVvL member but still want to receive the anniversary book, you can order it by sending a message to nvvl@nlr.nl, stating: “Order anniversary book”. The costs are € 25 excl. shipping costs.

The first copy of the book was handed over by the then chairman Fred Abbink  (left in the photo) to the general director of NLR, Michel Peters.

Author/compiler: DirkJan Rozema

Design: C10Ontwerp, The Hague

Printing: Graphius – Deckers Snoeck, Gent, Belgium

ISBN: 9789090299891